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This is a facet browser examining Procurement Process and cost. Select right hand elements to narrow down the selection set. Hover on the right side of the graph for the scissors icon to copy items to Tab Separated Values, then paste them directly into a spreadsheet.

DescriptionCostProcurement ProcessPage link
20 MS Office Licenses6,440Standing Offer
4GB USB Kingston Memory Sticks1,399Standing Offer
AMEX- Transportation Logistics86,530Standing Offer
AV conference systems - G8/G20 combined1,300,389Competitive
AV equipment (Verint encoders and Pelco amplifiers)64,146Limited
Accommodation103,308.87Invitational Tender
Accommodation22,155Invitational Tender
Accommodation4,737.6Invitational Tender
Accommodation64,966.36Invitational Tender
Accommodation17,724Invitational Tender
Accommodation39,397.1Invitational Tender
Accommodation28,914.92Invitational Tender
Accommodation3,465Invitational Tender
Accommodation119,259Invitational Tender
Accommodation50,744.4Invitational Tender
AclDC Photo Software license112.66Sole Source
Adobe Acrobat Pro licence25,518.78Standing Offer
Air charter374,791Competitive
Aircraft Landing1,500Sole Source
Antenna supply and install27,000Call up
Antennas191,411Sole Source
Apts - Condominium rental1,199,614Competitive
Apts - Condominium rental50,820Sole Source
Assorted tactical medical kits20,000Invitational Tender
Baggage Handling517,983.4Sole Source
Barrie Accommodations121,040RCMP MERX
Bed nights at Sutton Place Hotel9,180Sole Source
CDRSN telecommunication services97,599Sole Source
Cabling requirement at Deerhurst1,446,383Competitive
Cameras, under-vehicle surveillance detection systems37,265Competitive
Cisco network429,937Competitive
Computer equipment - small - desktop I personal I22,663.2Standing Offer
Computer equipment - small - desktop I personal I16,839.9Standing Offer
Computer equipment - small - desktop I personal I34,383.3Standing Offer
Computer equipment - small - desktop I personal I48,386.52Standing Offer
Computer equipment - small - desktop I personal I24,218.78Invitational Tender
Computer equipment - small - desktop / personal6,930Invitational Tender
Computer equipment - small - desktop / personal11,802Invitational Tender
Computer equipment parts3,888.89Standing Offer
Computer equipment parts20,131.02Standing Offer
Computer rentals299,303Competitive
Computer software20,760.6Standing Offer
Computer software3,274.28Standing Offer
Corel Office Standard81,671Call up
Crystal Reports529.98Sole Source
Crystal Reports859Sole Source
Crystal Reports1,011.26Invitational Tender
Dash fireballs39,181Competitive
Data Tapes2,280.8Standing Offer
Deputy Project Director200,000Supply Arrangement
Desktop PCs459,861Competitive
Digital pen system138,446Sole Source
Event Management - G8 Sherpa Yellowknife - Equipment Transportation44,445Competitive
Event Management - G8 Sherpa Yellowknife Table - Top Flag Purchase609Sole Source
Event management - G8 TB submission19,000Sole Source
Event management - G8 reference checks9,766Competitive
Event management - G8 sherpa Yellowknife1,838Sole Source
Event management - G8 sherpa Yellowknife - equipment delivery4,480Sole Source
Event management - G8 sherpa Yellowknife - equipment transportation16,690Competitive
Event management - G8/G20 events24,150Sole Source
Exhibit - Invest In Canada (G8 & G20)1,961,899Competitive
Exhibit Materials1,575,000Competitive
Extra Nikon D300s camera39,408.69Standing Offer
Extra buses for movement of members50,000Sole Source
Fibre nic cards and transceivers24,712Competitive
Fibre nic cards and transceivers25,895Competitive
Fire Extinguisher8,995Standing Offer
Fire Extinguisher Type B for vehicles32,178.3Standing Offer
Fireballs - Code 3 Dashlasers with option18,436.95Invitational Tender
First Aid Kits6,682.72Standing Offer
First Aid Kits Type B for vehicles12,435.4Standing Offer
First-aid kits - leg/thigh/trauma25,869Competitive
Flag Poles31,390Competitive
Flex cuffs16,014Limited
Food Catering UCC - 10-13 May19,800Invitational Tender
Food Services10,395Sole Source
Food Services20,790Invitational Tender
Food Services17,010Invitational Tender
Food catering805,376Competitive
Food catering904,753Competitive
Food catering23,310Competitive
Forklift rental17,186Limited
G8/G20 communications materials1,333,500Competitive
GPS24,704.4Invitational Tender
GPS Photo Link Pro1,203Invitational Tender
Garbage and recycling97,073Competitive
General Contractor "Umbrella" lor both G8 and G202,982,036Competitive
Geomatics data collection282,412Sole Source
Geomatics requirement282,412.43Sole Source
Glow sticks14,049Limited
Hard Drives2,701.92Standing Offer
High-end furniture315,000Competitive
Host Broadcaster (For G8 & G20)2,629,018Competitive
Hydro emergency stand-by18,900Sole Source
Infrared signal light29,180Competitive
Interpretation services108,300Competitive
Interpretation services96,980Sole Source
JIG accommodation requirements21,100Invitational Tender
JIG accommodation requirements48,238Invitational Tender
Lands90,902Sole Source
Laptop computers109,299Competitive
Lease & Fit upDirect
Lease & Fit upDirect
Lease, rooms, food services5,128,519.44Direct
Lease, rooms, food services3,730,530.22Direct
Lease, rooms, food services3,648,639.73Direct
Lease, rooms, food services1,734,274.42Direct
Leasing of AV equipmemt34,520Sole Source
License for use of location / licence1,500Sole Source
License for use of location, filup, security, General services11,850,485.08Sole Source
License for use of location, fit up, general services5,276,122.21Direct
License for use of location, fit up, general services4,227,298.62Direct
"Living wall"246,000Competitive
Local access requirements - national Centrex services9,035,236Competitive
Lockers, firearms and change room2,624Competitive
Lockers, firearms and change room33,101Competitive
Lockers, wireless devices27,705Competitive
Long-term accommodations - Deerhurst344,692Sole Source
MS Visio, Project and Org Plus Licenses19,311.39Standing Offer
Manfrotto cameras96,236Limited
Mass Casualty Kits22,585.77Standing Offer
Metal Caging for Radio Repeater Room Equipment17,118.9Sole Source
Microsoft Office Standard 2007134,564Call up
Microsoft Project & Microsoft streets and trips licence10,007Standing Offer
Miscellaneous manufactured articles13,629.63Invitational Tender
Miscellaneous textiles, headgear, umbrellas, etc13,384.35Invitational Tender
Mobile workstations144,608Competitive
Mobile workstations165,475Call up
Mosquito traps - electronic/propane26,661Competitive
Movers for demobilization2,346Sole Source
Moving services1,606,113Competitive
Multiple Licences4,037.42Invitational Tender
Newmarket Switch (Construction?)7,850Sole Source
Nikon Cameras68,340.83Standing Offer
Office Space163,516.5Sole Source
Office furniture7,309Sole Source
OrgPlus Version 82,384Invitational Tender
Other business services not elsewhere specified45,465Invitational Tender
Other business services not elsewhere specified17,841.6Invitational Tender
P25 encrypted portable radio equipment9,283,529Competitive
Panasonic HD TV23,100Standing Offer
Panasonic cameras62,272Competitive
Park Hyatt meals and snacks85,313.2Sole Source
Parking/ Slationnement35,500Sole Source
Personal outdoor kit (sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, etc.)333,831Competitive
Personal watercraft28,259Competitive
Phone rental and/or purchase232,036Competitive
Plastic pallets21,404Limited
Police Dog Service Equipment9,730Invitational Tender
Police Notebook13,061.75Invitational Tender
Portable potties439,186Competitive
Power back-up equipment33,968Sole Source
Printing of subject Handbook55,939Standing Offer
Protection services7,726,235.68Standing Offer
Quality assurance / oversight for G8 and G20 high-risk procurement files23,809Sole Source
RCMP Frame Relay Services1,500,000Competitive
Radio Repeater Rental13,844Sole Source
Receiver and signal1,685,861Sole Source
Receivers24,502Sole Source
Refueller vehicle parts24,797Competitive
Relocation of AV system5,775Sole Source
Rental of generators - Deerhurst295,856Competitive
Rental of motor and other vehicles197,451.66Invitational Tender
Rental of motor and other vehicles201,511.65Invitational Tender
Rental of motor and other vehicles421,204.35Invitational Tender
Rental of motor and other vehicles442,260Invitational Tender
Rental of motor and other vehicles1,223,985Invitational Tender
Road motor vehicles parts24,809.4Invitational Tender
Running gear entanglement system43,179Sole Source
Sabre 4000 explosive detector100,800Sole Source
Safety and Rescue Equipment19,802.17Standing Offer
Security fence4,413,039Competitive
Server and software67,095Sole Source
Siren speakers45,009Sole Source
Sirens98,225Sole Source
Snacks at DEC17,275.99Sole Source
Snapstream TV server enterprise licences62,122Sole Source
Software ACDSEE Photomanager201.42Invitational Tender
Software ACDSEE Photomanager774.69Standing Offer
Software Adobe Acrobat Capture106.72Standing Offer
Software Adobe Acrobat Pro607.59Standing Offer
Software Adobe Acrobat Professional19,240.35Standing Offer
Software Adobe Illustrator Acrobat Pro12,709.68Standing Offer
Software Adobe Pro405.06Standing Offer
Software Analyst's Notebook & iBridge119,340Standing Offer
Software Bassett PRO Full Version19,000Standing Offer
Software Crystal Reports1,492.98Standing Offer
Software Infolinker12,617Invitational Tender
Software MS Office Professional836Standing Offer
Software MS Project895Standing Offer
Software MS Project2,685Standing Offer
Software MS Project3,376Standing Offer
Software MS Publisher330Invitational Tender
Software MS Visio4,500Standing Offer
Software OMNIPAGE Professional7,606.31Invitational Tender
Software Org Plus211.71Standing Offer
Software Org Plus328.78Standing Offer
Software Org Plus Pro986.34Invitational Tender
Software Snaglt for Windows227.5Standing Offer
Software Snaglt for Windows1,078.56Standing Offer
Software Streets & Trips459Standing Offer
Software Xtools Professional532Invitational Tender
Software for Forensic Ident5,897.73Standing Offer
Sofware, licences35,718Call up
Sofware, licences64,239Call up
Sofware, licences34,148Call up
Solar Lighting / Eclairage solaire207,900Competitive
Spacial Geo Link Software30,118.25Standing Offer
Standard furniture420,000Competitive
Stealth MXP 4GB2,192.2Invitational Tender
Supply, delivery and storage of B20 BioDiesel Fuel157,500Competitive
Supply, delivery, installation and operation of printing centres at various locations910,350Competitive
Switches - racks8,144Limited
Tactical thermal night vision video camera23,100Competitive
Telecommunication (wireless cells, etc.)421,575Task Authorization
Telecommunication (wireless cells, etc.)330,180Task Authorization
Telecommunication (wireless cells, etc.)144,062Task Authorization
Telecommunication equipment parts11,917.5Invitational Tender
Telecommunication equipment parts5,693.68Standing Offer
Telecommunications equipment85,642.92Sole Source
Telecommunications equipment12,142.7Sole Source
Tempest KVM switches200,235Competitive
Temporary power distribution units and power cords12,550Limited
Tent rental800,000Competitive
Tents at DEC22,403.2Sole Source
Toronto Accommodations51,350RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations98,100RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations98,400RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations108,000RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations129,000RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations129,050RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations138,489RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations139,000RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations163,167.5RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations187,650RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations197,440RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations246,500RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations270,111RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations271,150RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations312,650RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations330,220RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations354,560RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations364,375RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations369,303RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations385,200RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations416,700RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations53,756.64RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations420,336RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations427,605RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations645,780RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations721,860RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations1,104,600RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations54,988RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations74,120RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations74,250RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations81,750RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations92,175RCMP MERX
Toronto Accommodations92,237RCMP MERX
Trailer rental5,848Competitive
Transportation - Fleet (Vans, Mini buses, trucks)2,971,271Competitive
Transportation - Shuttle Bus Services3,233,790Competitive
Transportation - vehicle lease - unmarked cars1,462,526Competitive
Transportation - vehicle lease - unmarked cars539,278Competitive
Transportation - vehicle lease - unmarked cars388,459Competitive
Transportation - vehicle lease - vans81,070Competitive
Transportation Services - Electric Buses39,413Competitive
Transportation air charter36,750Competitive
Travel planning and logistics coordination196,350Task Authorization
Two Way Radio Rental702,597Competitive
UPS network management card30,174Call up
Urban Analyst Software3,697.7Invitational Tender
Various hand tools9,078Competitive
Various hand tools7,093Competitive
Various hand tools13,257Competitive
Various hand tools266Competitive
Various hand tools58Competitive
Vehicle lease (motorcade)151,688Competitive
Vehicle lease (motorcade)1,340,711Competitive
Vehicle lease (motorcade)219,341Competitive
Video Cameras55,432.04Standing Offer
Video control system1,050,694Limited
Voice communications equipment20,616.75Sole Source
Voice communications equipment15,258.32Invitational Tender
Voice communications equipment188,526.37Standing Offer
Voice communications equipment23,669.1Invitational Tender
Voice communications equipment28,560Standing Offer
Voice communications equipment19,537.73Invitational Tender
Voice communications equipment12,335.4Sole Source
Voice communications equipment24,994.2Sole Source