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 TopicCanadian dollar cost 2010Supplier
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/AclDC Photo Software license2010/G20112.66Softchoice Corporation
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Aircraft Landing2010/G201,500GTAA
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Antennas2010/G20191,411Ultra-Telemus
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Apts - Condominium rental 32010/G2050,820Signature Suites
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Baggage Handling2010/G20517,983.4GTAA
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Bed nights at Sutton Place Hotel2010/G209,180Sutton Place Hotel
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/CDRSN telecommunication services2010/G2097,599Bell Telephone Company of Canada
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Crystal Reports2010/G20529.98Softchoice Corporation
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Crystal Reports 32010/G20859Phaselock Systems International
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Digital pen system2010/G20138,446Triumph C.&C. srl
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Event Management - G8 Sherpa Yellowknife ­ Table - Top Flag Purchase2010/G20609The Flag Shop
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Event management - G8 TB submission2010/G2019,000RPCS (Russel Stewart)
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Event management - G8 sherpa Yellowknife2010/G201,838Chez Lili
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Event management - G8 sherpa Yellowknife - equipment delivery2010/G204,480Ability
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Event management - G8—G20 events2010/G20
24,150Ian Martin Limited (Madeleine Ouellon)
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Extra buses for movement of members2010/G2050,000Toronto Transit Commission
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Food Services2010/G2010,395HMS Host
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Geomatics data collection2010/G20282,412Leading Edge Geomatics Ltd.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Geomatics requirement2010/G20282,412.43Leading Edge Geomatics Ltd.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Hydro emergency stand-by2010/G2018,900Hydro One
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Interpretation services 32010/G2096,980Various contractors
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Lands2010/G2090,902GTAA
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Leasing of AV equipmemt2010/G2034,520AVW Telav Inc.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/License for use of location — licence2010/G201,500GTAA
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/License for use of location, filup, security, General services2010/G2011,850,485.08GTAA
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Long-term accommodations - Deerhurst2010/G20344,6921279342 Ontario Ltd.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Metal Caging for Radio Repeater Room Equipment2010/G2017,118.9Brookfield Properties
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Movers for demobilization2010/G202,346Babbcon Movers
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Newmarket Switch (Construction?)2010/G207,850Redfern Construction Group
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Office Space2010/G20163,516.5GTAA
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Office furniture2010/G207,309997971 Ont. Ltd operating as: Simcoe Office Products
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Park Hyatt meals and snacks2010/G2085,313.2Park Hyatt Hotel
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Parking— Slationnement2010/G2035,500GTAA
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Power back-up equipment2010/G2033,968Dantherm Power A/S
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Quality assurance — oversight for G8 and G20 high-risk procurement files2010/G20
23,809Government procurement consultants
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Radio Repeater Rental2010/G2013,844York Regional Police Services
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Receiver and signal2010/G201,685,861SMI
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Receivers2010/G2024,502Brunkow Inc.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Relocation of AV system2010/G205,775DuoCom Canada Inc.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Running gear entanglement system2010/G2043,179Rescue Solutions International Inc.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Sabre 4000 explosive detector2010/G20
100,800Smiths Detection Toronto Ltd.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Server and software2010/G20
67,095ESRI Canada
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Siren speakers2010/G20
45,009D&R Electronics
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Sirens2010/G20
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Snacks at DEC2010/G2017,275.99Pickle Barrel Catering
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Snapstream TV server enterprise licences2010/G2062,122CBCI Telecom
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Telecommunications equipment2010/G2085,642.92COMPROD Communications Ltd.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Telecommunications equipment 32010/G2012,142.7Sinclair Technologies Inc.
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Tents at DEC2010/G2022,403.2Affair Rentals
2010/G20 and G8 Budget/Voice communications equipment2010/G2020,616.75Motoroal Canada Ltd.
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